Sunday, March 2, 2014

Winter Blues

We could call them winter blues. Or a post show slump. Or maybe it's just a minor depression that seeped in practically unnoticed. That scary feeling that you're not good enough; that you’re inadequate, a joke, or a burden. We artists are no strangers to these thoughts. In fact they can invade our brains at any given moment – in the most inconvenient moments.

We've got to be tough, tougher than anyone else. More resilient. Aggressive. 'Cause nothing comes to those who wait around and even less comes to those who whine about it. It's easy to crumple into your couch cushions and give up. To ask why this, and why me?

At the end of a long week, trekking to a muglgle job with your life strapped to your back and the city buzzing by it's even easier to let the tears well up in your eyes. Fighting back the urge to break down and cry or scream at the top of your lungs. Just hoping someone will hear you – notice you – anything that will release the frustration, and expel the doubt. Is anyone else is feeling as manically crazy as you?

But here's the thing, Artist friends… Behind the ear buds, the furrowed brows and the hand-in-pockets attitude of everyone passing you by, we're all in this together. And guess what? Spring is just around the corner... 

Right after this snow storm.

Happy Winter Blues, Artists!

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Kat @ said...

Feel you girl, sometime those slumps creep in! Hopefully Mr. Sun will come soon. Bring us those vitamin Ds and natural perk-me-ups!