Friday, April 4, 2014


How do we know when it's the right time to unplug?

We hear people talk about it a lot. Needing a moment away, and a break from the constant madness of audition life.

But it's hard for us. Many Artists feel inadequate if they aren't in constant motion, don't have a project to brag about, or a fabulous life event to report. But isn't there something to be said for taking care of ourselves and unplugging from the grind? Ripping the cord from the socket so as to get a few days of quiet?

To me, it’s massively important. Nothing runs forever without a battery charge, and neither do us humans. We've got to stop beating ourselves up over needing a break. It doesn’t make us lazy or any less strong. It just means that in the struggle to absorb and do everything, we sometimes wear ourselves out. But we can't bully ourselves into working non-stop. 

These are our lives. While being passionate about our work is important. There are ways to be passionate without killing ourselves when we're already stretched too thin. Ways to recharge our batteries while remaining productive and involved.

We can start by taking stock in what we’ve already got and how far we’ve come in this year. Heck, it's already April! I bet, if you take a moment to think about it, you've got plenty to be thankful for and proud of this year. If nothing else be proud you made it through the insane winter. You may be little paler and your tummy a little rounder but you made it!

Why not take a moment, as Spring finally starts to peek her head around the corner, to take a mini hiatus? A mini good-job-you, break?

I'm not suggesting an all out vacay where you disappear for two weeks. I simply mean giving yourself the permission to ignore the Equity website and Audition Update for a hot sec. A couple days to sleep in and enjoy your coffee. To read a book or write about your current progress. To daydream about what you wish to accomplish in the time between now and summer - now and the end of the year. These are all valid ways to unplug without disappearing. To recharge without turning off altogether.

This season let's not forget to nurture the passion within us throughout the journey and not just in the results. The answer won't always come in the form of a job booked. More often than not it comes from you.

Happy Unplugging, Artists

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Kat @ said...

Haha definitely a little paler ;) So true, I haven't even stopped to realize its already APRIL. Seriously, how does time do that? Think I am in need of a battery recharge. Maybe a hike?